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    ny's e〓fforts at "stra●tegic transform○ation" aimed at help●ing the fir●m shake off ◆the ill-eff

    y they will simpl■y discard them o●utside.The life spa

    ects of■ a scandal invo〓lving its bil〓lionaire fou◆nder Huang Guangyu◆'s alleged ●stock manipula●

  • n◆ of an ave●rage TV is 8 to 10 y〓e

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ars and an○ average p○ersonal co●

ID ministra ti●on of China.■ Jiao F
1 u, f○rom Chende, H◆ebei Province■, ha
s been in the e-●waste
2 business in ●Beijing fo r● years. He
sai■d there is a vast s
3 ●urplus of junked TVs● and radios in
his〓 rural home. "Go f
4 〓igure; I col●lect e -waste 〓in Beij
ing f■or a living but○
5 at home the○re is way to deal w?/td>
th it. It's k■ind of
6 funn○y," said Jiao?/td> ?But scattered
v〓illages, su●ch as th

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tion. Huang is unde〓r investigati●on for alleged eco●nomic fraud, and tha〓t has hit

  • Chrome 25%,
  • Other 25%,
  • Safari 20%,
  • Firefox 15%,
  • Internet Explorer 10%,
  • Opera 5%

more measures f〓rom the ce

  • r encour●aged staff to fo● cus more on ●innovation, an○d to c reate good ■products th○at meet div◆erse de
  • mands from◆ home and a○broad.He also◆ emphasized the need〓 to expl ore th●e possibilities 〓in rural mark〓e
  • ts, which have larg●e undeveloped pote○ntial for consump〓tion. Th e country h〓as just released pre○ferenti
  • al polic■ies to subsidize th●e purch ase of e〓lectric applia●nces and devices■ by rural ◆residents. We●n Jia
  • bao looked into● the implementati on ◆of the policy ●from production t ■o sale. The State○ Council bel○ieves u
  • nce○rtainties ◆still exist in econo〓mic development. The● government will the●refore maintai〓n most
  • of its pr●o-consumption ■p olicies ne■xt year to ensure s●table and fast gr●owth.Extend home ■applian
  • ce subsidies■It will exten〓d sub sidie■s on purchases of 〓home appliances■ in rural areas. ●Specificall●y, it will○ r
  • aise the upper li○mits of price s f○or targeted ■products and imp●rove subsidy sta■ndards. Local gover〓nments are ?/span>
  • 馻lso allowed ●to add one ca◆t egory to t◆he subsidized scop●e based on l ocal si◆tuations. Exte○nd car subsi◆dies Th
  • e S■tate Council is ●also extending ●subsidies ■for car purchases ●in rural areas.○ While subsidies for■ moto
  • rcycles〓 will be in place ?/span> ill Januar〓y 31st, 2013.■Continue home a ppli○ance replacement 〓Pilot project●s
  • on home appl◆iance replac■ement will al○so continue. T○hat project w◆as sched uled to ●finish at th■e end of May. More
  • a〓reas are e〓xpected to○ be includ ed〓 in the pr◆ojects. Ext○end agricultura l m●achinery sub●sidies The■ government
  • wil〓l also increas● e funding to th◆e purchase of a●gricultura○l machin ery an◆d tools, while ex●tending the〓 polic
  • y. So far, 13 〓billio n yuan wort〓h of subsidies ha●d been offere○d, bene fiting 3 mill〓ion households. Ex●tend energy
  • -saving ◆projects T● he governmen●t will also c◆ontinue to encou●rage the purchas?/span> 餰 of energy-savin〓g products. A p●ilot prog
  • ram for n●ew energy v ehi■cles will be● expanded from● 13 cities to ◆20. Ext end● tax cut on smalle●r cars The ■State Co
  • uncil will a〓lso exte nd t○he purchas〓e tax cut o〓n vehicles with engi■nes o f 1.6 liters or〓 smaller till th■e end o
  • f nex◆t year. Subsid?/span> es for aut○o replacements will● be raised to 1●8-thousand y u○an.The government i○s expected to i■n
  • clude a so◆cial secur ity fu〓nd in its budget to○ improve ma●nagement of th■e fund . Only ●on CCTV:China su〓bsidizes consum
  • er○s who want to buy ■new home appliances 〓and help recycl〓e old ones◆. But the poli■cy does not sa■tis
  • fy the ●needs of all con●sumers and 〓recycling enter■pri ses.Buy●ing new home appli●ances with 10 p○
  • ercent discount 〓and replac○ing the ol○d ones is attracti○ve f or customers i■n Shanghai. Ma●ny came to
  • st●ores to learn mor e a■bout the sub◆sidies.But so●me dis cover they a○re not included ●in the t
  • argeted g●roup."Why t he●re is a requirement ■for residence 〓ca rd to rec○eive subsidie〓s? Isn't i◆t
  • a discrimination●?"Th e new po◆licy is now ■available in on○ly ni ne province●s and municipa●lities acro
  • ■ss the country●. An d only ○those people with● registered reside n◆ce, can enjoy ○the subsidie●s. This
  • excludes a ■large numbe●r of co nsumers.M■any custome■rs also ques■tion ed the current〓 procedures of repla●cing o
  • ld fo●r new. The go●vernment has r〓equired costumer●s to sell thei■r old appl ◆iances to recyc○ling enterprises fi●rst,
  • and then b○uy the new ones .○ But this creates i◆nconvenience to ●their life.Custome●r, said, "I canno〓t sell the
  • old ones〓 before buying■ n ew ones. If I〓 couldn't fi○nd any satisfied on 〓es in time, I'◆ll have no〓 appliances to u
  • se."■Customers hope ■their concerns will ●be considered i〓n formulating the d◆etailed regul■ations by the gov○ernment.
  • Some ■companies are t●rying to help. ●Recycling enter○prises are also ◆facing dif?/span> 駀iculties. This● enterprise in Shan○ghai re
  • cycl◆es over 1000 home◆-ap pliances per mo〓nth. But the new ◆policy doesn 't mea■n a profit.Chen ■Wanchun, R●ecycling
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